The youth and adolescents of Compton, CA are in serious need of youth programming designed to teach them essential Christian values and fundamentals designed to prepare them for adulthood. Our ministry provides youth with fun-filled activities that promote Christianity. Calvary/1~Shine provides the following programs:

*  DIVA’s Girls Performing Arts Ministry
*  FRESH Male Mentoring Program
*  1~SHine Sports Program
*  1~Shine Performing Arts

Program Summaries:


The DIVA’s is a performing arts leadership program designed for girls ages 4-17.  Our ministry is centered on Proverbs 31:30 and teaches young girls that it is wise to be virtuous and live a life for Christ.  Our ministry teaches young girls to repsect themselves and to respect God.  the DIVA’s provides girls with an opportunity to participate in the following activities:  Praise Dance, Jazz & Hip Hop, Cheerleading, Stepping, Modeling, and Public Speaking.  The participants have opportunities to perform in various community events, competitions, and showcases.

FRESH Male Mentoring Program

FRESH is a program designed to keep young males off the streets of COmpton and provide them with an alternative.  Our program works with young males and provides them one-on-one mentoring and workshops that help build character and confidence, an essential trait necessary for adulthood.

1~Shine Sports Program
Our youth are given an opportunity to develop sports teams and participate in leagues within the South Bay and greater Los Angeles area.  Youth have opportunities to play for the Calvary/1~Shine Basketball, Football, and Soccer Teams.

1~Shine Performing Arts
We provide youth with creative outlets that helps them develop performing arts skills.  We provide Piano & Drum lessons, Youth Praise Team, Music Production, Rappping, Singing, Poetry, and more.  Youth are given opportunities to perform and showcase their newly acquired skills and talents.