Calvary Community Development Organization CCDO

CCDO is the non-profit sister organization of Calvary Baptist. The CCDO vision is to reach and help develop Compton spiritually, physically and economically by providing tangible opportunities and examples of the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Youth Choir
A Youth Choir is a developing idea and vision here at Calvary. We are currently looking for a volunteer director who is gifted both musically and working with children/youth.

Day Care Center
The Day Care Center is a planned ministry to help to meet a very great need here in our community. We are currently looking for people interested in seeing the dream become a reality.

Family Fellowship Night

Every other month we spend one Sunday Night celebrating our birthdays and anniversaries at Calvary. Food, friendship and fellowship encourage the close relationships and family atmosphere that Calvary is known for.

Food & Emergency Clothes Distribution

The first Saturday of every month we give food and emergency clothing out to the less fortunate of our community. Members and donors are encouraged to remember the poor each time they grocery shop. We then collect the food at the church and the items are distributed on the 1st Saturday of every month from 9:30 to 11:30 AM.

Missions: Local & Overseas

Calvary is committed to supporting missionaries around the world. Acts 1:8 states, “And ye must be witnesses unto Me, both in Jerusalem and in Judea, and Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.” We support works in Africa, Nova Scotia, Haiti, Jamaica, India, Mexico, and last but not least, in the inner city, which is our Jerusalem, or home Compton, CA.

Men’s Ministry

The Calvary Men’s Ministries is fellowship designed to strengthen a man and his faith in God by teaching him biblical principles on how to live for Christ at home, work and at play. Also, it teaches them to witness for Christ — as a lifestyle- with both their lives and lips.


Our Nursery is opened during the Sunday Morning Service teaching infant to toddler ages about Jesus Christ. This frees the parents to focus on what the Lord is teaching them during the service. Mothers of children in the nursery take turns once a month to help staff the nursery. Volunteers are also needed for this important ministry.

Prayer Line

The Prayer Line is a 24-hour phone line where someone can call in, and leave his or her prayer request(s). This ministry is monitored daily by designated staff, and each request is lifted up until the Lord answers the prayer, or when the person removes his/her request from the prayer list.

Sunday School Department

“A child that is brought up in Sunday School is seldom brought up in court.” In Sunday School there are classes for every age, teaching about God and preparing the students for service to God and humanity.

S.A.Y. Yes! Youth Development Center

The S.A.Y. Yes! Center is an outreach to the children and families in our neighborhood. The Center is open for Summer Camp, Winter Break, and Spring Break.  Our programs are designed for youth ages 5 through 17 and we provide academic tutoring, Bible club, Performing Arts, Art, Practical Living Skills, Computer Training, Reading, Leadership Development, College Preparation, Mentoring.
For more information please call Mrs. Berry, Youth Director at (562) 361-6332.

Usher Board

Ushers and greeters are the smiling faces that greet and seat you each Sunday. They can give you directions and answer any questions that you may have concerning the worship service or church in general. We believe that you might be an angel sent by God, because “some have entertained angels unaware”, Hebrews 13:1-2.

Junior Usher Board
The Junior Usher Board is a program to develop our church leaders of the very near future. It is important for the youth to be a part of the overall function of the church. As a Junior Usher a child will learn how to serve and how the basics of a church works.

Calvary/1~Shine Youth Ministry
Our Youth Department is a growing body of young people interested in seeking God and learning to walk with Him daily. We have several outings and events focused around the interest and needs of the youth; these include DIVA’s, FRESH, Sports, 3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments, weekly outreach to neighborhood schools, etc. We focus on preparing the next generation of spiritual leaders.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry is fellowship, Bible study, training, prayer and fun, seeking to encourage women in their walks with God and in reaching out to other women through various evangelistic programs.

Ministry Resources:

Notice: Both of the following resources are available for purchase. Please contact Pastor Robert Smith for further details.

Witnessing Track: “Muslin ‘Background and Beliefs’ ”
Devotional Guide: “Meditations for Ministers”
“Hebrew Names of God”

For questions about Calvary Baptist, our ministries, witnessing tracks and books, please contact Pastor Robert Smith
P.O. Box 6191
Compton, CA 90224

via telephone: 310-631-9340
via email: